Deep in the heart of the Siberian wilderness, covered by impassable taiga forests and High Mountain peaks, Altai is one of the top attractions of the Russian wilderness, and an incredible place for outdoor adventures from rafting, hiking and mountain climbing to fishing, horse-riding and many others.

Altai Mountains cover a large part of the region. The highest peak of Altai republic of Russia is the Belukha mount (about 4,506 meters). The Belukha mount is the highest peak in Siberia.

One of the most important resources of Altai republic is water. Numerous mineral and hot springs are becoming more and more popular among travelers and local people for their therapeutic effects.

The nature of Altai republic is a combination of Altai Mountains, Siberian taiga, Kazakhstan steppes and Mongolia semi-deserts.

Among the most well-known Altai republic tourist attractions are Belokurikha (mineral water springs), Aiya Lake and beautiful Chemal region. People who are more adventurous visit the remote Teletskoye Lake and Belukha mount in the southern part of Altai republic.

Altai is second to none in the beauty of its landscapes, and in diversity of its attractions. Enjoy breath-taking views over azure lakes and snow-topped peaks.

Adventure tours include mountain climbing, trekking, fishing, rafting, and horse riding...