Baikal Lake The largest in Eurasia, the deepest in the world (1,620 meters) and most ancient lakes of world is situated nearly in the center of Asia in a huge stone bowl set 445m above sea level.

It is faithfully renowned as one of the earth's most impressive natural wonders. Everyone who has been to its shores is impressed and charmed by the grandeur, size, and unusual might of this Siberian miracle of nature. It is a region of surpassing beauty, its forested shores surmounted by the jagged, snow-clad peaks of the Barguzin Mountains.

Baikal and the entire surrounding area have been designated as a national park, and Baikal is today a naturalist's paradise and an idyllic holiday destination. With fine beaches, excellent hiking, bird watching, and pleasure boating, Baikal is well-positioned to become one of the most attractive vacation spots in Asia.