The Solovetsky Isles

The Republic of Karelia is a remarkably beautiful land of white nights, boundless forests, and blue lakes.

One quarter of Karelia's surface is covered by water including about 60 000 lakes surrounded by deep swamps or picturesque wild rocks and 27 000 rivers. The second-largest lake in Europe, Lake Onego, is situated on territory of the republic.

It is the land that preserved the runes of the Karelian and Finnish epic "Kalevala", as well as numerous ancient Russian epics ("bylinas"). Karelia's significant sight, the UNESCO-protected Kizhi Historical Reserve and its outdoor museum of folklore and wooden architecture housing numerous folk shows and international events.

Another Karelian gem – the Solovetsky Isles – is situated on the Onego Bay of the White Sea 150 km from the Polar Circle. It consists of 6 major and a variety of tiny islands. The Solovetsky Monastery is one of the first sites to have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Present day Karelia is rich in forest, stone, ecologically clean water, flora and fauna, as well as in people aspiring to live in harmony with the beauty of surrounding nature.

There are a lot of outstanding landscapes on the territories of almost a million hectares of specially protected natural territories: national parks "Paanajarvi", "Vodlozerky" and "Kalevalsky", nature park "Valaamsky Archipelago", preserves "Kivatch" and "Kostomukshskiy", other reserves and nature monuments.